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A traditional machiya-style house in the heart of Nozawaonsen

About Himecho@Yasushi

Experience living in a century-old house in the heart of an authentic rural onsen resort.

Himecho@Yasushi is located in the heart of the Ogama district of Noswaonsen.  Himecho@Yasushi is a unique machiya-style townhouse in this exceptional village. After recent works to bring modern infrastructure to this ancient ryokan, Himecho@Yasushi will be ready to welcome groups of up to 12 persons.
Himecho’s five comfortable tatami guest rooms are typical of bedrooms in old village homes. You’ll be sleeping traditional style with futons on tatami (although we promise futons large enough for taller guests). Our futons are also designed for the softer feel generally preferred by our non-Japanese guests.  All  guest rooms here are cosy spaces that recall the tradition of hospitality original guests at ryokan Himecho would have enjoyed.

We have however updated some old practices for the comfort of our guests. Many Japanese homes and guest houses often do not have ensuite facilities. Toilets were often a few steps down the hallway, and everyone shared a spacious ofuro bathroom. While we have kept some of these traditional elements, there are now 5 bathrooms/showers for the 5 guest rooms (ensuite and separate) - there will be no need to queue to get a wash!!

Some of the best of Nozawaonsen’s famed public onsens are also just around the corner!  Don’t forget to try soaking in therapeutic waters that will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged. The closest "soto-yu” or public baths within easy reach of Himecho are the iconic Oyu, the elevated Taki-no-yu and popular Asagama-no-yu. Since the Edo period, Nozawaonsen has been famed for its waters. You will often spot visitors and locals wandering around the village in yukatas - towels thrown around their necks and toting a basket of toileteries, on their way to enjoying the different waters. As a guest of Himecho@Yasushi, you are also welcome to try the private ”kashikiri” onsens at Residence Yasushi

Himecho@Yasushi is ideal for a private group.  This villa offers the intimacy of a self-contained house with living spaces that provide comfortable areas to gather.  You can enjoy board games together or chill out after an active day exploring the area.

Although Nozawaonsen’s restaurants offer a broad choice of cuisines on your doorstep, there may be days you'd like to prepare your own. Guests at Himecho@Yasushi will have access to basic kitchen facilities. Still, there is so much to tempt your palate.  We have our firm favourites and encourage you to explore the many options Nozawaonsen offers! There are always exciting new places to try. 

Our winter skiers will find the Yu Road travelator to the ski fields a short walk away. With the travelator overlooking our back garden, you’ll find yourself at the Hikage slopes in no time! Have fun! Nozawaonsen is home to over a dozen former Winter Olympians for good reason!!

In the green season, you can enjoy walks and bike rides through the village and forests behind. The majestic trees of the Yuzawa Shinto Shrine and Kenmei-ji Buddhist Temple complex lean over our back garden, but spectacular trees can be found all over the mountains. Nonetheless, in these hallowed grounds, a large zelkova tree said to be over 1,000 years old stands.  It is revered in accordance with age old traditions. Old stone slabs carved with haikus by Matsuo Basho recall the wonders of these northern reaches of Honshu.

Himecho@Yasushi aims to bring you a taste of traditional rural Japan without foregoing the comforts of today's world. There is of course WiFi throughout the house and ample consideration for those needing to charge up their technological hardware! The entire property is also non-smoking for the comfort and health of our non-smoking guests. While you will have the privacy of an independent abode, a housekeeper will be able to help you on a day to day basis and throughout your stay, the concierge at Residence Yasushi will be at your service.

Latest News

Himecho@Yasushi | Nozawaonsen, Japan

Himecho@Yasushi Opens

Himecho@Yasushi launched into the Christmas and New Year season with gusto!!
Our very first guests arrived before Christmas. It was really lovely to see Himecho@Yasushi filled with happy faces and much laughter. So far so good!! While we expected teething issues with a new property, we’ve been surprised at how well the planning our team did prior to opening has ensured a smooth launch. We have had the best guests and are delighted they enjoyed their stays. Everyone has been thrilled with this latest addition!!
Of course, the only thing we could not plan for was the weather and the snow came late this year… Guests arriving earlier in the season discovered instead, the many different activities and attractions of Nozawaonsen. This village has so much to offer - from the iconic onsens and massges, to fabulous walks - on snow shoes or in hiking boots, to cooking and craft lessons.
As one might expect, being in the top agricultural regions of Nagano and Niigata, the myriad gastronomic offerings cleave to a very high standard. With more time away from the slopes, many were encouraged to take strolls through the village and try the restaurants and cafes located a little further away. There is so much yummy food to be had here!!
Tia and Tyson have opened IVY, an absolutely charming Wine and Tapas bar in the historic bar space here. Now the snow has come in hard, this is a perfect stop as you come off the slopes. It’s just minutes from the moving walkway from Hikage so come and unwind for a relaxing apres ski tipple and nibble.
Come visit us soon!!! We’ve been pretty fully booked, but it is still possible to come later in the season…
Happy 2020!!!

We look forward to seeing you soon


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